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More About This Title CIUDAD SANTA


A politician is executed in a poor quarter of the suburbs of Buenos Aires. A queen of beauty seeks for the help of a lawyer woman who has lost two husbands by bullet wounds. A cruise of tourists runs ashore in the muddy river Plata: the banquet is served for a gang of kidnapers. Among the tourists, a colombian baron of the drug traffic and his lover are the main dish. Meanwhile, a collector of human heads keeps two policemen awake —two men who are confronted with each other in a duel that has nothing to do with the law but with loyalties and disappointments—

Buenos Aires, as a boat filled with fugitives from different disasters, sails without direction through a sea with no beaches nor horizons. This drifting is the raw material that Guillermo Orsi uses to build his Holy City. Guillermo Orsi shows once more that he has an impressive talent to recreate the taste of a classic thriller with disenchanted heroes, squalid atmospheres and femmes fatales.

Critics consider Orsi one of the masters of modern thriller