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A Spanish Gnostic Bishop argues for his life in the year 385. A modern day pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago searches for keys to her existence. And and ancient text binds them both.

In 385 C.E. Priscillian of Avila: a wealthy former Senator, a charismatic bishop with a huge following in his native Galicia, argues for his life against his accusers, two poweful Spanish bishops who win the ready ear of the Emperor, Maximus.

Along with eight of his closest followers including Eucrotia, the widow of a Roman noble, Priscillian is accused witchcraft and heresy.

Yet his message is one of celibacy, simplicity, and gentleness. Is he guilty?

For centuries it has been claimed that St. James is buried in the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in nothern Spain – the Holy Grail of pilgrims for over 1200 years. But what if he is not? What if the occupant is none other than Priscillian, a “heretic”, a man whose Gnostic message threatened to undo the power of the newly-formed Roman Church?

The Camino de Santiago, Spain, 2000 C.E.: Miranda has left her untenured position at the University of Toronto to go on a 800 Kilometre hike in the north of Spain. On her second day walking, she meets Kieran, a lapsed candidate for the priesthood, who is translating a book written in Latin: a book he should’t have.

The next day, Kieran is missing, and so is his traslation. All Miranda is left by way of an explanation is a draft of a novel he is writing: “I’ll see you in Puentye”, he says in a note. But on her arrival at he next stop, he is no-where to be found.

As she continues along St. James’ Way, Miranda and her companions become inmersed in three puzzles: Who was Priscillian? Who is “Blackbeard”? and most of all... Where is Kieran?

A religous injustice... Two love stories, one doomed from the start... And a mystery... Perhaps.