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By looking at the spiritual teachings of ancient India, David Ash proves that spirituality and science are more closely connected than we ever thought.
For centuries Western scientists have been grappling with the many unanswered questions that modern physics pose. These contradictions come about due to the fact that modern physics is based on the ancient Greek concept of Materialism which also argued that religion and spirituality are far removed from science. What David Ash does in this book, is look at Indian spiritual teachings that differ entirely from the concept of Materialism and how this spiritual view of the world helps to answer all the difficult questions that modern science has not been able to answer. In this way, Ash is able to show that spirituality does not only serve a purpose within scientific thinking, but rather that the two are intrinsically linked.


As a child protégé David declared he would prove the existence of God through science. Following in his father's footsteps, he became an amateur pioneering scientist in the Victorian mould. But the story really began when he discovered a lost knowledge from ancient Yogic philosophy that brings together the ancient science of the East with modern science from the West. Could it be David stumbled on the key to the Universe!
David first presented the vortex physics at the Royal Institution of Great Britain from the historic rostrum of Michael Faraday on January 15th 1975. Since 1985, under the direction of Sir George Trevelyan, he has travelled the world integrating science and the spirit with the vortex physics. His lecture tour first took him throughout England - including the Mensa society in Cambridge - then to Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, followed by Russia and Lithuania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Thailand. David's work has been featured on radio and television in England, Canada, Australia and Russia. David, physicist, singer songwriter and nutritionist has nine children and seven grandchildren.


Acknowledgments 7
Introduction 11
Chapter 1
The Dance of Shiva 14
Chapter 2
The Spin of Shakti 26
Chapter 3
The Myth of Materialism 37
Chapter 4
God in Science 48
Chapter 5
Love thy Neighbour 58
Chapter 6
Intelligent Evolution 71
Chapter 7
Understanding Infinity 80
Chapter 8
Gravity and Anti-gravity 88
Chapter 9
The Love of Shiva and Shakti 94
Chapter 10
Shiva’s Fire 106
Chapter 11
The Unified Field 116
Chapter 12
Uncertainty in Physics 121
Chapter 13
The Power of Uncertainty 131
Chapter 14
Beyond the Speed of Light 138
Chapter 15
Evidence in the Corn 150
Chapter 16
Mind at Large 157
Chapter 17
Fields of Life 165
Chapter 18
Alternative Medicine 173
Chapter 19
Ascension 180
Chapter 20
Extraordinary Research 191
Chapter 21
Conspiracy 201

Appendix 213
Index 243
About the author 249

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