Redemption for a Lonely Man
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Bill Andrews has spent his life with the Navy, first as a SEAL, then with NCIS. He came home when his Folks died. He came back to bury them, and handle his inheritance. The County Board was very persuasive, “who better to take over as Sheriff, then the son of the late Sheriff”. He is a handsome Widower, so there have been affairs. Is he ready for something more?

Trust is hard, when your Wife kills herself. There is a Pot farm to raid, then activity is spotted around a group of old Mines. A rich neighbor’s attractive Daughter meets Bill, then injects herself into his life. Their affair raises questions in Bill, Jennifer is too much like his late, disturbed wife. Involvement with the DEA brings their PR person into his life. Anita has his complete attention, as a Cartel drug operation is uncovered at the Mines.

The operation is big, which means many Cartel solders, all with AK-47s. An unsuccessful attempt is made on Bill’s life, he finds that it was aided by his own Cousin. Russ is the Department Captain, now found selling them out for drug money. When Russ tries to find what happened to Bill, he comes across the deluded Jennifer. Russ rapes Jennifer, then is killed by Bill. A big raid by the DEA, and Bill’s Department, finds a large stash of drugs. One of the caves holds a surprise, that gets the FBI and Homeland Security involved. Bill, his TV reporter Daughter, and Anita must deal with a Cartel attack. It is revenge for the Raid, and the dead Assassin. The two young women, and Bill deal with the assassins, with help from Bill’s ‘little friend’.


Mr Grantham is a California native, and a graduate of San Jose State University. He has traveled extensively throughout the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Work also took him to Asia, and Europe, Sweden was not much fun in February. He has lived in many parts of the US, but always returned home, to the state of his birth. He began to write, only after moving to a small mountain community in northern California. He states that the old gold mines, and rough characters of the region inspire his writing.

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