Human works
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In this captivating collections of poems, Jean-Pierre Makosso presents an epic with heart, an african history through poetic prose, the griot in written form. It documents the black continent from its roots in a collectivist paradise, through slavery to present day post-colonialism. Both personal and historical, it is a tour de force written with crisp political clarity in bold tactile rythms and open-ended finesse. These are essential tales of the past transmitted to unify an eternally multicultural future. 'Believe me this is not a poem - It is the voice of the conscience that comes to your rescue' (Tanya Evanson, fusionist poet and Spoken Word artist).

'Fierce' is the word that springs to mind on reading Jean-Pierre Makosso's poetry in Human Works. This compressed story of Africa is written by a man who has lived its pain. He draws on his passion for expression; the words come from some deep place. They are soulful cries yet they don't ask for pity. They require us to read with all of our humanity - to be human (Jan De Grass, Arts and Entertainment columnist).

'Human Works' speaks of a mother's love and heartache for her child and for the children of Africa. With the sun and the moon as his witness Jean-Pierre Makosso shines a light on the darkness of the African experience. At the same time he speaks of faith so deep, it grabs the reader by the soul. Jean-Pierre's poetry is participatory. - You will feel the despair of black Africans - You will ache for justice - You will dream of peace for all people (Teoni Spathelfer, first Nations journalist).


Born in Pointe-Noire (Congo Brazzaville), Jean-Pierre Makosso, taught by his mother MA M'KAYI, is from a family and traditional background. Enrolled in occidental school system, he has in his pragmatic journey been listenning and observing. Throughout his schooling, he quickly displayed his taste for the word to become the griot of all those who do not have one. As a theatre actor he has worked with Company Punta-Negra(Congo), Théâtre du corps(France), Théâtre Amiel(Switzerland). Living in Canada since 2001, he works with Traditional Company Masabo, writes and directs plays for Canada World Youth. Jean-Pierre Makosso is a bilingual comedian and storyteller (English-French) who leads his own cultural group, Makosso Village; he performs and gives workshops in schools, universities and in festivals worldwide. Human Works is his third book.

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