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More About This Title Sangfroid


The book Sangfroid is by the Author Mia Collins is the fictional story of a woman who suffered a major memory loss in her youth, which proceeded to be a problem for a majority of her adult life. She later began to have many flashbacks, slowly like pieces to a jigsaw her memories came back, a raindrop at a time. In the beginning she reached out for help, but was soon after the abnegation that she felt, others were strongly divergent as she tried to figure this all out by herself, nobody not could help her. Was she wrong? Perhaps there is some hope someone is out there from her past she hasn’t fully remembered yet, -could they be the key to the answers she needs ? Disclaimer “If any names or places seem similar to anyone in real life it's purely coincidental, therefore used in ‘sound like context’ to appear more powerful as a character. “

Exhibited At: International book fairs