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Whimsically illustrated guide for tattoo artists, clients, and those who are just plain curious about the tattoo process. All of your tattoo questions are answered. Why good tattoos are not cheap!


CR Jordan has been tattooing since June 2000, but (regretfully) not on a consistent basis. In 2001 He joined the Army and was stationed in Germany, where he apprenticed under Sven Bohmer in Wiesbaden for 2 years. He moved to Hawaii and tattooed, but only in between deployments to the Middle East with the Army Reserves. In 2009 he authored "Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo" while on a deployment to Iraq. CR Jordan returned to Phoenix Arizona for a short stint and tattooed at Glendale's Top Rocker Tattoo before heading off to Afghanistan to support the Marine Corp. (2010) He is currently finishing up the book "The Advanced Tattoo Apprentice" and hopes to have it on the shelves before 2011. When he is unable to tattoo, Jordan is writing about tattoo and trying to improve not only his own craft - but that of every new artist in the industry.