The Story of my Soul
The Story of my Soul
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Channelling 6th December 2022 Great Mystery ‘You must know that all I say is true, that the End of the World is nigh, and all shall be saved, for to raise our consciousness is the goal, not only of Creator, but of all souls who see Yeshua as their Saviour, and Mary his Mother as their own. I commend this book to the destitute and to the wicked that they may know their Creator and their lives be washed clean with Creator’s Light, and they shall be as One, as others are as One that know God, and that know and love themselves. For this love is the greatest of all and Divine Love knows those that suffer, and wishes to relieve them of their burdens, and all those that come to her shall be freed of their burdens, to live on Earth in joy, love, and abundance. This book is written from a spiritual perspective, that all who come to her will be healed. They will feel all their problems lift off; they will just disappear. Everyone will feel whole and content once more.’

Exhibited At: International book fairs