infinite times more
infinite times more
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Neida Y. Reyes Delgado or you can call me wolfine. Baby steps, breathe, breathe, and breathe. That’s all I can do. Short and simple except it’s completely not simple. This path and destination infinite times more is entirely never ending. There’s phrases and pit stops. There’s heartbreak and loss. There’s misery and guilt. Self-destruction of a girl in her late teens and early 20’s. Nothing is suppose to make since that’s okay. There are pieces of Wolfine in all her ache, joy, and passions being shared. Wholeheartedly and no ounce of regret. A spiritual battle between her angels and demons, the good and the bad, the bold and the damned. In her own head, she has only spiraled and forever it seems she’s destined to only taste chaos and never peace. This journey is not for pity nor attention this journey is one on one with you. This journey is ultimately to say, you are not alone friend. Mental health is a constant battle each day but on the days, everything seems much more grim pick me up because you always have a friend in me. Why go through these trials and tribulations by yourself? Why minimize your growth by not expanding your horizon of wisdom and knowledge? My darling, you are loved. You matter. There are things if I could I’d tell my younger self as she sobbed throughout each poem. Most importantly, I’d embrace her and whisper to her, “it will be okay, your emotions are valid, you are this way because God or even fate set you out to be this way.” Trust in it, trust in the love of the higher power that truly values you, trust in knowing that even in your darkest pit redemption and change is never impossible to grasp.

Exhibited At: International book fairs