From Ashes to Beauty
From Ashes to Beauty
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Emma Arnold is more than an ordinary woman with multiple sclerosis. She is a woman empowered by her faith in Christ. The words of From Ashes to Beauty are drawn from her own experiences dealing with a sometimes-debilitating disease while also seeking a personal journey with her Lord. Through times good and bad, God has been faithful to Emma, and she hopes her story inspires other people in similar positions to find peace and encouragement. Whatever the circumstance, it is possible to find wisdom in God’s Word, along with the strength to go on, even during the dark days of MS. From Ashes to Beauty is a deeply personal, meditative, and compelling memoir that is filled with wisdom, guidance, and biblical truth. Readers will find strength, hope, and inspiration through Emma’s true story, and if she reaches just one person with her words, her dedication will be worth it.

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