Tales of Arcane
Tales of Arcane
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A Darkness once consumed the lands of Arcane, nearly devouring everything in existence. Thousands of years ago the last remnants of the world banded together to drive the Darkness back to the edges of the world. And there it remained, as generations passed, and the world soon forgot. Now, after history erased any trace of a Darkness, in the simple forest of Blaonir, a young river elf prince named Baelath lives his comforting life yet feels a yearning for more. Unbeknownst to him, he will soon find himself on a road that not even his wild imaginations could have conjured. He must soon make a crucial decision that will define what his future will be. His choice will send him down a journey into fate that will effect everyone and everything in Arcane. Can Baelath save the world from being consumed in Darkness? Or will he fall prey to it himself?

Exhibited At: International book fairs