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More About This Title THE YELLOW DIAMOND


ABOUT THE BOOK Mystery and Romance in Regency England It is the spring of 1817, and 28-year-old widow, Amanda Fletcher, guardian to Sir Piers and Rosalie abbot, has accompanied them to stay with the dowager Marchioness of Coverdale, for the London season. Amanda has been obliged to bring with her a rare and valuable yellow diamond, because mysterious, anonymous notes claiming that the jewel does not belong to the Abbot family, have been received. Justin, the handsome,32-year-old, Marquis, offers to keep it safe for her. A rapport develops between them, until Amanda discovers some unwelcome news. In Coverdale House; 19-year-old Rosalie a talented musician, realises that a shadowy figure is listening to her practicing for a concert. Is this Justin’s reclusive younger brother, who occupies rooms in the east wing, and looked after by the “sergeant”? Justin is intrigued by an impression of a seal he finds, belonging to Amanda, and visits the eminent Dr Pargeter, her some-time mentor, for information. Another anonymous note is delivered, and then Rosalie is abducted in broad daylight, and the footman accompanying her badly wounded. Who will ride to her rescue? And who is the true owner of THE YELLOW DIAMOND? More about the families in “STAPLEWOOD PARK”. Coming soon!

Exhibited At: International book fairs