Shamanism as Medicine
Shamanism as Medicine
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“I hold deep admiration for Cláudia’s work and I am deeply grateful for her love and care for our indigenous women and people. Her words in this book echoes the words of our Earth Mother, our forests and waters”

Leticia Yawanawa - Indigenous women’s representative and coordinator - Amazon, Acre, Brazil


“I am absolutely enthralled by the ability Cláudia has to translate and encapsulate huge multidimensional principles of shamanism into easily climbed steps on a staircase of learning. I am also profoundly moved by the clarity and specifics of each aspect of the Four Days Journey she shares about her experience of the Vision Quest. As a Grandmother who is committed to Sundance I will pass Cláudia’s book to the men and women I am putting out to Cry for a Vision. Her words here will deepen the experience for us all. “ Wopila!

Grandmother Susan Ka’iulani Stanton (Chief Moon Lady) co-founder of the Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation and founder of the River Sidon Peace with Justice Project - USA


“This is how I see Cláudia’s work: as well as an indigenous descendent, she is a warrior woman, who has been given the tools and mission to help others as well as help nature on the path of recovering ancestral wisdom, for healing, peace and love. In my heart she is my tribal sister.”

Apony Kariri Xocó – Chief of the Kariri Xocó people - Alagoas, Brazil


“The dedication of Cláudia’s loving heart and mind is an inspiration to all who know her and we can consider her a blessing to be in our lives in these times. She has the strength of an elephant, the patience of a spider, the endurance of a hummingbird and the heart of a panther.”

Mark Halliday – Co-founder of The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre, The Planetary Healing Centre and author of “Otherworldly” and “Renegade Blue” – Scotland


“Cláudia is a visionary woman I admire, not only for her work but also for the devotion and purity of her service, bringing ancestral power back to the people and to the land. Brazil and Scotland are very fortunate to have her. She is the symbol of the perfect integration of two worlds.“

Laura Moreno – Founder of the worldwide movement Mujeres que Despiertan and author of the book: Despierta, mujer! – Colombia

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