Three Loves and Other Stories
Three Loves and Other Stories
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Myraid human emotions run their course through our lives, sometimes like the weather in England, in the course of a day even. What is the magic wand to be waved, for a newly wed couple seeking to discover each other; or a strictly brought up girl, to settle into a more interactive kind of relationship; or for a girl full of the gift of love, to find happiness? Would the soul really live on and revisit? Does professional excelling at work but a novice at speaking his heart, venture along the path of a relationship, and a child just beginning to blossom- can she survive being bullied? Is it for the daughter to be given in marriage? These stories tell the tale and more. They are all positive, energised and look at completeness in a person’s life. The search for happiness and the finding of it.

Exhibited At: International book fairs