Cloacal Contemplations
Cloacal Contemplations
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For nearly twenty-five years, I have worked with a native wildlife rehabilitation organisation in all aspects of this field. During that time, I have learned a huge amount about native Australian wildlife, humans, and myself. Along with my partners and other wildlife carers, I have rescued, rehabilitated and released many thousands of native animals – giving them a highly valuable second chance. What did I do when a bird was caught by its head in a fence? What happens to a Koala with severe eye disease? How did we extricate a bird of prey from a barbed wire fence? Why DID the Echidna cross the road? Are Bats really foul and evil? What happened to the snake wrapped around a bed post? How on earth do you feed thumb-sized baby birds? This collection of true stories represents how amazing our wildlife is, and how awesome wildlife carers are, plus how lovely the general public can be. The stories give examples of some very funny experiences, and some that are sad – and all are interesting. Embarrassing episodes are also included. Every encounter was educational, individual and never boring. My personal stories embrace numerous different species of birds, bats, possums, gliders, snakes and lizards, plus anecdotes relating to kangaroos, koalas, echidnas and platypus. I have attempted to be as factual as possible, and to dispel myths around many of these creatures. I have drawn the illustrations of the animals myself, in order to give a representation of these species. Throughout the stories, I have emphasised my deepest respect for these animals, and the land they inhabit – on which we live. The challenge of giving them a second chance is complex and demanding, especially the raising and releasing of orphans, and intensely satisfying. In writing these stories, I want to share my experiences and observations with people, and hopefully bring them some joy from their reading.

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