World War II North Africa & Italy 1940 -1945 'One Man's Story'
World War II North Africa & Italy 1940 -1945 'One Man's Story'
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More About This Title World War II North Africa & Italy 1940 -1945 'One Man's Story'


The book sets out on a journey through enlisting to basic training, and then to war. Then, when RAF 73 Squadron was reformed after Dunkirk at RAF Debden before the Squadron was mobilized and posted to North Africa. The Ground Crew Personnel were transported via troop and naval ships to Alexandria, Egypt. The pilots and Squadron’s Hurricanes were transported on HMS Furious to RAF Takoradi (African Gold Coast). The planes then flown across Africa to Heliopolis, Egypt on selected routes where refuelling could be carried out. The book contains several Battles, starting with the sea battle against the Italian fleet at Cape Spartivento 30/11/1940, battles at and for Tobruk 1941 and 1942 and the battles at El Alamein 1942, the final battle which saw the start of the demise of the German/Italian Axis Force. The book makes great use of the RAF Records held at National Archives. RAF 73 & 39 Squadrons Operational Record Reports (AIR’s) for 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1944, daily records of events as they took place. Also included is the personal diary which my father kept during 1943. The book is embellished with photographs taken along with postcards and tourist attraction photographic information. Finally concluding with a brief history of my father through his career and working life.

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