Wake Up, the Baby's Coming
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More About This Title Wake Up, the Baby's Coming


"The birth of a child is a miraculous event that is momentous for both mother and father. However, it can also be an incredibly hectic time. Wake Up, the Baby’s Coming is the hilarious account of this wonderful and frenzied experience. One night, Mommy and Daddy are sleeping peacefully. As the baby realizes it is too big for the womb, it cues its mother with a series of sharp kicks. After waking abruptly from her sound sleep, Mommy discovers that it is time to go to the hospital and frantically rouses Daddy. The couple now face the chaotic task of gathering their things and traveling to the hospital. Upon arrival, the commotion does not subside as they prepare to give birth to a beautiful baby. After all is said and done, two have now become three in this extraordinary experience.


Tiziana Ciccone lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario, where she owns three private preschools. Her inspiration comes from her three children and the preschoolers who have been in her schools over the last 30 years. Wake Up the Baby's Coming is now in its second edition. Tiziana has three other books in print, No More Peanut Butter Daniel, The Pancake Princess and Lucinda Queen of Everything.