Can't Find the Will Power?
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More About This Title Can't Find the Will Power?


The premise of this book is that most people know what they have to do in life in most circumstances. When we become "stuck" it’s less about knowledge or insight than about a lack of willpower; because the choices seem too tough. 


Lew Hamburger teaches the use of humor in life and therapy. With the name of Hamburger, that's a natural! Born in Baltimore, married to Patsy for 47 years before her death in 2003, and now married again to Patty (that's right, 2 Patricias). He has three kids, six grandkids, and two stepkids. He lived in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Detroit, and Edmonton before moving to Tucson. Educated at the University of Michigan and University of Maryland (MSW and Ph.D.). The author spent most of career working with teens and families, specializing in suicide, depression, disaster response, trauma as executive director of agencies, clinical director of psychiatric hospitals, and a therapist. He has spoken to national conferences in the U.S. and Canada, authored two books, and won awards for working with adolescents.