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Financial Fitness For Young Adults by Yoli Marie from Yolanda Jackson

  • Author:
  • Agent Name:
    Yolanda Jackson
  • Agency Name:
    EVA Global Capital
  • Binding Type:
    Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 10:
  • ISBN 13:
  • Price:
    USD 8.99
  • Publication Date:
    June 24, 2009
  • No. of Page:
  • Height:
    9 inches
  • Width:
    6 inches
  • Length:
    .05 inches
  • Weight:
    12.8 ounce

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"Financial Fitness For Young Adults, 7 Simple Steps To Change Your Life For The Better Financially," will guide young adults to create a valued lifestyle, get finances in order and change their life for the better! The book is interactive. Each chapter is like being in a one-on-one financial fitness coaching session with the author. The chapters begin with financial coaching designed to educate young adults on financial matters that they need to know. Following the coaching session, the reader will be introduced to the interactive financial fitness workouts, "homework" exercises. The financial workouts guide the reader on how to create a balanced lifestyle and arrange their financial affairs accordingly.

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