Birch - The Beginning
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The first novel in an incredible fantasy trilogy set in a world of gods, tyrants and kings. The people of the ancient land of Modania find themselves threatened as the scheming Lord Zelfen prepares to claim it under his dominion. The creation of three wizards, tasked with protecting the elements, the land and the innocent people of Modania, may not be enough to protect the peaceful realm. Little do any of the powerful forces and faces of Modania know that the fate of them all rests in the hands of a simple forest boy and a strange, terrible beast to which he is mysteriously bound. If Lord Zelfen’s onslaught is to be resisted it will require the forging of a powerful allegiance. The boy named Birch must be found and he must understand who he really is… Birch – The Beginning is the first novel in the Birch Trilogy, set in the enthralling magical world of Modania. Savage conflicts, ancient spells and arcane prophecies push the boundaries of fantasy as the future of the realm depends on one strange young boy and his mysterious feline ally.