Journey Towards the Light
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Suzanne Haslam endured such oppression and psychological torture at the hands of her domineering, control-freak husband that it drove her to a full-scale nervous breakdown. When she turned to her family for help, they accused her of imagining her problems - and even sided with her husband. In despair, she eventually managed to pluck up the courage to walk away from the marital home with nothing but her dog and a suitcase full of clothes. In an attempt to heal her psychological scars, Suzanne sought sanctuary in a remote Spanish monastery, where she discovered an extraordinary gift for second sight and a talent for communicating with the spirit world. A series of increasingly intense spiritual experiences ultimately gave her the strength to recover from her ordeal and find new happiness, security and professional success. Now Suzanne's story is told in her book 'Journey towards the light', published by Memoirs Books.