Cari Moses
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"Karen has lived a life of disappointment and grief. When she finds an abandoned baby, she decides to keep her and name her Cari Moses. Cari becomes the epicenter of Karen?s life, but she is blind to the trail of devastation her actions leave in their wake.
Karen?s personal grief and deception are inextricably linked to the activities of a serial killer who harbors a fascination with pregnancy. These players inhabit a dark world of contrasts where the hopes and aspirations of youth become enmeshed in despair and depravity. Along the way, they face the weight of human frailty and discover what it takes to be extraordinary.
In this psychological thriller, duality is brought to the forefront as the ruthless ambition and dubious skill of the amateur is pitched against the shortcomings of professionals, and the players are faced with harsh realities and dire consequences. Set among the rambling inland waterways and the rushing pulse of cities, Cari Moses unfolds through the drama of hospital life from midwifery to the ICU. A national police alert causes chaos, while relationships remain tenuous as Karen progresses toward discovery and retribution?and evil lurks in the shadows."

Exhibited At: International book fairs