A Stay-at-Home Dad vs. the Bible

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I was an egalitarian Christian stay-at-home dad, caring for six children during my 20-year marriage. However, my in-laws, marriage counselors and church pastors were all complementarian. Their counsel to my wife and I was that I had sinned against God for not being the breadwinner of the family. This led to a grievous divorce. Therefore, I was inspired to research how the Bible was used to destroy families and communities, from colonial America to the present day. I also discuss the pushback that resulted from such biblical interpretation, including and especially the rise of feminism. Since it was an interpretation of the Bible that led to the dissolution of my marriage, the institution of biblical marriage is also scrutinized, especially in the context of divorce. Stay-at-home dads should have the Christian right to be caregivers of their children, if they choose to do so, without being threatened with divorce.

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