Getting Right With God
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"For centuries, numerous people have asked ?How do you get right and stay right with ?god??? Since a person?s god is whatever they value (love) the most, possible gods are limitless. When asked from the Judeo-Christian perspective, the question is narrowed but the answers are extremely diverse. Due to many identified factors, the author believes incorrect answers have been too frequently offered, starting soon after the death of Jesus and continuing to this day.
Due to God?s nature and ours, the author bases his answer exclusively on appropriate (God-like) love as described and practiced by Jesus. The ancient Hebrews recognized the original answer and Jesus repeated it when he insisted we love God above all else and then love our neighbor as our self. Paul got it all wrong. Jesus did not fill the empty spaces in Paul?s Judaism. Believe Jesus and act like it."

Exhibited At: International book fairs