The Common Threads Trilogy
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This is the final book in the Common Threads Triology. Common Threads begins with two family stories, one as slaves from Africa and one fleeing the potato famine in Scotland and how the underground railroad brings them together to form one multi-racial clan. In Common Threads II we follow Liz & Joe Allen to Philadelphia, Mississippi for their dream jobs. Unbeknownst to them, the Klan was active in the area and raising their family brought many challenges. The final book, More Common Threads, brings you to 1970 and follows the Allen family?s saga as the boys mature and deal with sibling rivalry, homosexuality, and racism in Mississippi during this turbulent decade. The success of the family potato farm and golf course in Chatham, Ontario grew from strong family values and the Common Threads of a simple Scottish Tartan and an African Kente robe.

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