Cry for help
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Just arrived in a new town, Alice discovers that a student who went missing two years earlier looked exactly like her.

The Work
New town, new school, new friends, Alice has never been frightened of change. But if she thought she could start again from scratch and above all go unnoticed, she will soon realize the opposite... Everyone looks at her crookedly, between fear, shock and curiosity. She doesn’t understand why, until one of her classmates, Alex, explains to her that she looks like a student who disappeared 2 years earlier.
Aaron Wayne, Alice’s father, is a private investigator and has been hired by the missing girl’s mother to further the investigation of her disappearance. After two years, there has been no progress on this case.
With the help of her new friend, Alex, Alice decides to find out about the mysterious link she shares with the missing girl. But this investigation could well lead her straight into the wolf’s mouth.
She may need to call for help but will she be heard?

Key Sales Points
- Winner of the Fyctia competition for thrillers.
- Over 200,000 wattpad readings.
- A breathless plot, bringing together investigation, humour and teenage romance.
- Endearing characters who we get attached to.
- A fluid style that is a pleasure to read"


Liam Fost draws inspiration from reading a wide variety of writers, ranging from Stephen King to Bret Easton Ellis. Encouraged by the publication of his novel Volatilisés, Liam increased his writing, ending up, a few months later, with Cry for Help, which won the Fyctia competition for thrillers.

Exhibited At: International book fairs