30 Useful Herbs&Spices Of Thai

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What’s the difference between holy basil, sweet basil and hoary basil? Which type of chili packs the most punch? What are the best ways to enjoy green peppercorns and blue ginger? What are “Chinese Keys”? Which Thai herbs and spices can be used to treat indigestion, cough, rheumatism or migraine?

Thai cuisine is famed for the complexity and delicacy of its flavours,
largely the result of the herbs and spices used. Surprisingly, only thirty or so are needed; it is the ingenious combination or blending of these ingredients that makes Thai food beloved throughout the world. At the same time that they add flavour, these herbs and spices bring curative properties that have been recognised in traditional practice.

In this book, each description of a herb or spice includes its scientific and common names in English and Thai, a botanical description of the plant, how it should be stored to best preserve its qualities, its culinary and medicinal uses, and other notable applications. A selection of classic recipes show how the various ingredients are combined harmoniously in traditional Thai fare.

Getting to know these 30 herbs and spices will greatly increase one’s appreciation of Thai gastronomy as well as understanding of how they can contribute to our holistic well-being.