EasyTalk - Advanced
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"EasyTalk is designed to help many millions of yearly visitors (business and pleasure) to the United States, the many business owners throughout the World who want to take part in the giant U.S. economy, the slightly over 1 million new legal immigrants to the U.S. every year and the millions of resident professionals from the last dozen years or more.

Many formerly foreign medical folks in the one of the World?s largest Medical Centers, for example, who asked me to compile a book so they can at least enjoy going to the grocery store, do other shopping or their jobs better. Underlying EasyTalk is the little understood Science of Phonology (hearing and listening) expressed in common, simplified language to achieve these goals. The book?s area of phonology focuses on short and long sounds of our alphabets vowels as they modify conversation syllables in talking or listening to others."

Exhibited At: International book fairs