Teachers Sweet and Sour
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Teachers Sweet and Sour is a children?s picture book that addresses Hungry Huey?s wish to have another teacher because he does not get what he wants. Ms. Sweet is his wonderfully sweet teacher who makes learning fun and tasty for the entire class. She is beautiful, kind, smart, and very, very sweet. Ms. Sweet smells pretty and she even makes the classroom smell pretty too. Each morning, Hungry Huey, Dancing Drew, Lil Mya, Too Tall Tonya, and Big Bobby enter their classroom to find a tasty, sweet treat on their desks. All day long, the entire class enjoys learning because Ms. Sweet always makes learning fun. One particular day, Hungry Huey is so upset with Ms. Sweet that he cries, ?I don?t like Ms. Sweet. She is mean and ugly, and I wish we had another teacher.? Well, be careful what you wish for! Now the entire class must suffer. Find out what happens when Hungry Huey?s wish is granted and what horrible, nasty, and creepy treats the kids must eat because of Hungry Huey?s wish. Readers, beware!

Exhibited At: International book fairs