New Dictionary of International Shipping
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This ?Dictionary of International Shipping ?, in English, French, Spanish and now Russian as well, is a selected compilation of terms and expressions picked up in many dictionaries and glossaries, the IMO meetings documents, professional papers, the Lloyd?s list and the Internet. The main entries and, as the case may be, their relevant acronyms, are in bold and arranged in the English alphabetical order. To distinguish between British and North America usage, some entries are followed by the mention in italics US or UK. Occasionally, I have inserted a reference to a relevant convention or code to help placing the entry or expression in its right context. In other cases, I have added, in italics and parenthesis, a complementary but succinct explanation. Listed below the main entry are other expressions with same term at the beginning (e.g. (trade) agreement under trade), followed by expressions containing the main entry at the end (deep-sea (trade). The terms listed in this dictionary may have additional\ meanings when used in other activities or domains. I have retained only those related to the main subject of the dictionary, the international waterborne trade. The dictionary has various annexes containing additional vocabulary which may be useful when reading or translating a text.

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