Not For The Boys
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The book is totally fiction, but should make you laugh as you imagine your brothers, cousins or local boys in the same situations that the boys in the book find them in. Although I don?t think you should try any of the techniques on a boy, as it would be terribly embarrassing for him. The book starts with various sections, about controlling boys by various girly means ? a how to guide and also various suggestions of things to do with them, when under your control, before reading the stories themselves. The main section contains about 12 stories, with boys of ages from 6 to 12 or so, but the main story of 8-year old Tom and his young 7-year old sister, Pam, is very large and so is interspersed, between the other stories with Tom Continued - Parts B to L, to stop you getting bored, with the one boy, being put through his paces by his sister.

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