Memoirs in Poetry
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My poems are about real life experiences. The stories are true, The Lord gave me the ability to make them all rhyme. I wrote some of them when I was very sad, because of the death of a very close family member. Some was written when I was happy, I remember things in my childhood that made me very happy and also some are about some of the mistakes that I made before I was born again. I had dreams for a long time of the mistakes that I, had made, and they did not stop until I was forgiven by the Lord Jesus Christ. When I became a preacher I begin to write about the people God used in My Christian life. The preachers in my book are real, and they are some of my bestfriends, they helped me get started in the ministry. We are all older now and we share in our life experiences. The poems would come to my mind as I began to think about my life and all the things that I had done and the people that I was blessed to know and have a relationship with. I thank God for the ability to write life experiences in poetry.

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