The Funny Friends and Faces of Henry P. Gruber
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Ms. Carrie’s PB&J Farm is one very special place. It is a home for lost animals – for ALL lost animals. Everyone is welcome at PB&J Farm. Ms. Carrie ensures everyone’s needs are met. They all live as one big happy family. It doesn’t matter if you are a fish or a dog, a cat or a frog, a bird or a ferret, a horse or a cow. No one is a stranger in this animal haven. Ms. Carrie is a hero.

One Saturday morning, everyone is frisking and frolicking about. All the animals are thrilled knowing this Saturday is going to be one special day. The dogs are barking, the cockatoos are singing, even the fish is dancing in circles in the bowl. Someone new is arriving. The animals don’t know who. But one thing for certain, someone is joining the family. Ms. Carrie arrives and introduces the newbie to the group as Henry P. Gruber gives an oink to say hello followed by one big smile. Yes, this pig can smile. Everyone welcomes him as they bark, whistle, whinny, moo, meow and snort as Ms. Carrie just laughs and laughs.   

Follow the whimsically illustrated tale of Henry P. Gruber, the smallest, cross-eyes pig you are about to meet in The Funny Friends and Faces of Henry P. Gruber.  This aborable, needle-witted hog with his extravagant name and middle initial, will paint smiles on the faces of young readers as he goes about life on the PB&J Farm.

Exhibited At: International book fairs