Understanding Chinese Culture in Relation to Tao
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More About This Title Understanding Chinese Culture in Relation to Tao


"Understanding Chinese Culture in Relation to Tao, will provide the reader, in a simple easy to understand language an insight of how Taoism is incorporated into the Chinese culture over thousands of years.
The concept of feng-shui, geography, astrology, Yin-Yang, rituals and the way to pray in Taoism, will be illustrated in the Chinese culture through the life process of birth, marriage and death of an individual. Every aspect of the life process, no matter how simple it may be, will involve Tao concepts.
An individual who is not familiar with Taoism will be able to understand the processes and procedures of each ritual using the building blocks of Taoism. This book will provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the rich culture and traditions of Taoism."

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