Pan American Flight #863 to Paradise!
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"A real story of a boy who experienced all the hardships in life in a poverty-stricken, small town
of Panganiban, where he grew up until finishing high school. His father was a farmer, and his
mother was a housewife and homemaker. They happily raised four boys and four girls. In spite
of the hardships & struggles during the wartime years in the Philippines, the whole family survived
before and after the end of the WW II in 1945. General Douglas MacArthur was the great & main
figure to be immortalized for saving us from the hands of the Japanese.

This boy studied so hard in high school. With his big dream close to his heart, and with his strong
determination to succeed, he graduated in high as a valedictorian. With his diploma as a passport to
college, he left for Manila to attend a university there. He was offered a full scholarship in Engineering.
In college, as it was in high school, he graduated with flying colors. His academic pursuits never stopped

In 1963, he flew to the USA, via Pan American Flight 863 (fictitious name) to Paradise. From here, his
colorful life starts to unfold. -Frank A. De La Rosa"

Exhibited At: International book fairs