Student Exam Passport
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While education might be the door to success, exam is the key to that door.? The Exam Passport is perhaps one of the most important books written in the twenty-first century in academic history. Globally, the Exam Passport is a study guide written like never before. Beginning with a revelation of what exam is and its impact, the Exam Passport cleverly sets out the significant importance of exam taking in our current educational system around the world. The Exam Passport is a study guide that is laid out in a way that makes study and revision more urgent, more entertaining, more easy to follow, more thoroughly engaging, and a little more philosophical and novel-like. It is embedded with a real-life scenario and outlines common errors during an exam that all students can associate with. For example, it reveals scenarios that underpin an explainable cause of bad grades and proposes better study techniques that are detailed and concise to overcome bad grades. Among other things, it also explains the relevance of gathering only relevant information for revision, taking effective note. It touches on the role of our memory before and during the exam day. It also reveals that despite being intelligent, motivated, and hardworking, most students still struggle to remember much after hours of studying for an exam. One plausible answer is, the information we might want to retain has not made it into the long-term memory bank. It also consists of topics such as the following: ?Accountability ?Learning style ?Memory ?Significance of forgetting ?Preparation and planning ?Achieving top grade ?And many other topics This study guide will help each student handle difficult exam situations and prevent academic failure.

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