Poetry of Aloha
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Mahalo and welcome to everyone! I invite all of you to read my new book ?Poetry Of Aloha?. I am the author and photographer of this exciting work. Stephen Carbon. I am a life long musician, writer and photographer from Lewes, Delaware. Performing and playing live shows with my band Carbon 14 has given me the pleasure to entertain the musical spirit and vibe of many people over the years. I see and feel the enjoyment of music and lyrics in people and the happiness it brings to life from the creative realm. The embrace of Polynesian people, ambitions of life and wanderings of the soul have brought me to the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Here I reside on the sunny south shore of Poipu Beach, heart blessed, to write and be inspired. To express the spirit and imagery of this garden beauty in my own creative experience. The Hawaiian islands are a botanical wonder of tropic splendor. The friendly charm of the people and awe inspiring scenery have created a lasting and deep impression of poetic verses and images I wish to share with you today. This book is dedicated to the Aloha spirit and people of Hawaii. Aloha and Enjoy! Stephen Carbon www.poetryofaloha.com

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