Reaching for Greater Glory
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What is the mystery of a radiant countenance? It's a reflection of
internal peace, joy, hope and harmony that radiates one's
countenance and has the capacity to dispel all fears and doubt.
Despite all the hype and confusion in the world today, man's
concept of what true glory is and how to attain it is distorted.
Reaching for Greater Glory encourages people to make a
difference in their lives and that of others. It's a simple guide to
get one started to live life to the fullest by rediscovering oneself,
finding one's place, uncovering the champion within, finding
one's true purpose; ultimately, accessing greater glory. That leads
one to open up to the Creator's Spirit.

This inspirational and informative book helps readers grasp what
transpired in Eden, understand how it impacts them now and the
promises of hope that were given. Such an understanding helps
one get to a place where he/she can begin regaining what was
lost. This information has been proven to work in the real world
dilemmas repeatedly for others and the author. It helps one come
to grips with the realities that are associated with painful
situations; that if handled constructively, can help one overcome
earthly struggles and be victorious."

Exhibited At: International book fairs