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More About This Title THE KRATT PROPHECY


"My story concerns the Leaders, of which there have been many, each of whom in their own way has either to a greater or lesser extent played their part in guiding the race of Kratts and Underkratts to their ultimate destiny.
The six leaders I have chosen for my first narrative have in my opinion had the greatest impact in fulfilling the Kratt prophecy.
The leaders I have chosen are; Eddard and Erica, (the first leaders)
Trembor and Treena, (the teachers)
Alain and Arina (the peace makers)
Due to the very long lives that leaders have, it would be almost impossible for me to relate all of the things that they had accomplished during their lifetimes. I have therefore concentrated on what I consider to be their greatest contribution to the Kratt and Underkratt race.
Unfortunately there is no written account that can testify to the truth or accuracy of what occurred, there is only the verbal accounts handed down through thousands of generations. Although the current leaders of the four Tribes have been an invaluable source of information for which I am eternally grateful, there still remains gaps in our history which for one reason or another they are unable to fill, because of these ?gaps? ?I have in many instances had to decide what might or might not be the truth, I have therefore taken the liberty of taking an educated guess as to what was either said or thought by all the Kratts and Underkratts in my story where these gaps occur.
I make no apologies for this and hope that the reader will still find my story interesting, informative, and fairly close to what actually occurred."

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