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"?Jacob Isaac?s poetry ranges across diverse moods and imaginative perceptions of life and times. His poetry emotes the readers with refreshing observations, which fathom deep into the obvious and an honesty of feeling in a language that gives to the ordinary the aura of extraordinary dimensions. His poetry picks up small details for an intimate, illuminating indulgence thereby holding the readers in a lingering spell yet touching upon the complex fabric of a thinking poet?s mindscape. His poetry also opens up the immediate object of the poet?s attention in words that seem to reflect the presence of something deeper and profound, which surpasses the present and transports the readers to a different horizon.

Jacob?s craftsmanship is flawless and leaves the readers in awe and wonder at its perfection. His poetic diction, his use of unique metaphors and images drawn from diverse disciplines, and his observation of the complex phenomenon of life throws light on the mind of a conscious artist. The emotions poeticised in long narratives of many long poems in the anthology keep the readers glued to the poem?s inherent music that lends a lyrical touch, which are so strikingly imbibed by the poet in poem after poem? (R K DAS?poet; writer; professor; joint secretary in Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Indian Parliament, New Delhi)."

Exhibited At: International book fairs