Irreplaceable You
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We were meant to be best friends and as lovers but I want you be my
wife now?

Why do we fall in love?

How can we reverse back to the past?
A story of two close friends they share a steadfast link. Suhana ?Hana?
Akiyama and Jin Takami are polar opposites, however, they balance out
one another with their dissimilar personalities. A seed of what could be
described as teenage curiosity, careless notion and irreversible decision.
Hana sooner or later, realizes that her mutual feelings for her best friend
had developed from admiring Jin as a friend into romantical emotion.
A roller coaster of anger, confusion; sorrow. The heartbroken friends
progresses on a rocky journey about life, family matters, newfound love
and remorse."

Exhibited At: International book fairs