Faces & Braces
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"Rebecca wants to talk to you about Faces & Braces
Would you like to improve your image and your prospects in life?
This book can change your life!
Whether you?re a youngster, a teenager, or an adult
If you are embarrassed to smile because of your teeth
?Faces & Braces? will help you to smile with confidence..
Do you have crooked teeth?
Do your front teeth stick out?
Does your chin stick out?
Do you lack confidence?
This book has answers for these problems.
This is the best investment you will ever make in your self image!
Catch up on Cool Chat !
Did you know that the Tin Grin is the In Thing?
Brace yourself for a Brilliant Smile!
Train Tracks are Trendy!
Would you like ?train tracks? or invisible braces?
Goofy was teased at school until he fought back in the gym.
Now he?s not Goofy any more. His new name is The Hulk
Are you anxious about your own smile or one of your family?
Read on to see what happened to Goofy and his friends"

Exhibited At: International book fairs