A German in a Foreign Land
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THE FRITZ FAMILY journeys to the Banat region of Hungary to start a new life. Stefan and Sophie find happiness and sorrow in this ?paradise.? One of their sons, Johann, becomes a famous violinist and moves to Vienna, where he meets and works with Beethoven. His branch of the family become accomplished musicians. The majority of the extended family stay in the Banat region, seeing their villages change borders and eventually become part of Serbia. Members of the family who reside in Vienna and Berlin become loyal and faithful Germans and serve in the German army in both world wars. Markus, in the Banat, joins the Hitler Youth and eventually becomes a member of the SS started by Himmler. The families in the Banat are virtually wiped out after World War II, with only one family member, Marta, escaping to Berlin. She meets a relative, Wolfgang, and together they start a new life.

Exhibited At: International book fairs