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In Arabic, rubai means four lines.  The poetry of Omar Khayyam, Eleventh Century scientist and poet, rhymed the first, second and fouth lines of his quatrains.  The  rhyme scheme became the established rubai form when Edward Fitzgerald translated the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam into English in 1859.  Now another scientist and Poet Laureate of the International Society of Poets offers over three hundred rubai quatrains in the challenging Omar Khayyam style.

Mr.Cox's verses were written over a fifty-year period and many have been published in magazines, newspapers, poetry anthologies, chapbooks and his books, The Essence of Jim and As The Mood Prescribes.

Rubai contains Mr. Cox's complete collection of rubai quatrains and the verses explore the realms of passion, humor, logic, philosophy and personal disquietudes.

Since the verses are four lines, the book is excellent for coffee tables, night stands and office waiting rooms.

All of Mr. Cox's books are available through authorHOUSE and local bookstore.





Exhibited At: International book fairs