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"I am 21 years of age and I have discovered that I am the first and only human clone.
Questions: Who am I? What am I? Do I have a soul? Do I share a soul? Am I a real person or just a copy, a shadow of a donor?
I visited with Dr. Ahmann who performed the cloning twenty-two years ago. He told me that there are no others to guide me, but I could probably have a normal life if I did not stress myself.
There was no way I could stay here. I had to get away, away from everything familiar. I left Minnesota and took off for the mountains. In Montana, I picked up a hitchhiker, Billy Two Bears, who stayed with me for awhile. He told me of the Native American values and the true meaning of life. After a night of intimacy, he was gone. But he left me with words that I will never forget.
I continued to the Canadian Rockies, to Banff, Lake Louise and Emerald Lake Lodge. I had been having some mini seizures, so it was time to head home.
On my way back to the States, I picked up two female hitchhikers who taught me not to be afraid of the choices that I make. In Wyoming I stood before Devils Tower monument at dusk as fireflies twirled around me, illuminating the way as if they were spirits rising from the ground.
At home I visited Dr. Ahmann again and I found that I am pregnant. My choices? I can have a full life, or I can have a baby, but I probably can?t have both.
So now I need to decide what I should do. Should I give life, and by doing so end life? Or should I end life and by doing so give life? And all I have left are Billy?s words to show me the way."

Exhibited At: International book fairs