Egregors and Crisis. The Wind of Change.
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More About This Title Egregors and Crisis. The Wind of Change.


This is a new book about Further Energy Information Development from the DEIR School. It is commonly believed any crisis has its positive side. It encourages the stagnate and routinely stable society to move on. Although for most ordinary people the world crisis might turn into a personal tragedy, it still gives us a chance to largely improve our life. We all live in an energy information world. Apart from people, there are some energy information entities, the living ideas, or the so-called ‘egregors’ playing their own part. It is the egregors’ layer of our world that is in fact essential. Kirill Titov, the President of the famous DEIR School, has worked out and described a special program of using the energy of crisis to the benefit of humanity and every individual. The book will teach you how: to gain control over the egregors’ layer, rather than just obey its rules,to find source of new ideas and increase the egregors’ layer,to monitor energy information vibrations and alterations of the social, economic and political life of the world. The book will make it easy to learn some new skills and techniques in order to overcome the crisis. It will help you to get through any economic or political challenges.