Exorcising My Demons
Untold stories from The Exorcist!
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Exorcising My Demons is the story about dreams, about taking great chances, believing in yourself, and never looking back. For Eileen Dietz--a skinny, little, flat-chested, buck-toothed child from Queens-those dreams and a myriad of choices led to a role in the scariest movie of all time... The Exorcist. For the first time, Eileen tells her heartbreaking, funny and inspiring story. From auditioning for the role of a demon to becoming the legendary "Pazuzu," to performing some of the most infamous scenes in the movie, Eileen got to be part of film history...only to be denied credit for the work she did. With over fifty film, stage and television credits to her name, Eileen has had a career most actors dream of. But like most, her success was not had without a price. Her story is one of a fighter, but also a dreamer. For Eileen, it was never enough to simply have the dream; you have to follow the dream

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