La beluga tortuga
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This Story?s Lovable Main Character, ?La Beluga Tortuga? is very different from other Green Sea Turtles; she was born albino white, the color of Beluga Whales. She doesn?t let this difference in her outward appearance get in her way to do a lot or ?hace mucho? ? ALL DAY! La Beluga Tortuga teaches children to embrace their own differences and to accept the differences of others in our multicultural and multilingual society. The story line also seeks to inspire and encourage young children to stay active, spend time with family and friends, be thankful, and achieve their goals, no matter what challenges they are dealt in life. The verbal repetition of the buzz phrase ?ALL DAY? within both the Spanish and English texts is present to reiterate the underlying themes of persistence and endurance in pursuit of one?s dreams and goals

Exhibited At: International book fairs