What is the time?

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Hello Children! You are holding in your hands a wonderful journey! With it you will fly on the wings of Time, you will walk back and forth in his world and you will understand how it is that you will have an amazing…time! Together we will prepare a tasty pizza – from a very healthy recipe of course, so that the Adults will decide to eat it. You will understand, that Time is greedy and eats all the minutes and seconds, and even hours, sometimes very quickly, so much so that you will ask: where did they disappear? But be calm! We will learn about the watch, because with this gadget you can learn how to tell the time with its arms, and to be able to know how you can, by yourself, play the games in this book! That’s right! This book is a game, right here, and on the web site where you will find many suprises: www.tatcreative.com Konstantin Konstantinov” Award for illustrator in the 20th anniversary of the most prestigious children national book festival in Bulgaria.