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It is high time to break stereotypical image and embrace Russia with all its diversity.
9288 km ― about 1/4 of the equator in 7 days by train! 75 local storytellers! 36 cities and towns.

Stitching the patchwork of Russia, the Trans-Siberian Railway (or just the Trans-Sib in short) is the longest railway in the world. It has been connecting people, their lives, stories, and history for more than a century. For Russia and for the whole world, it is a complex symbol: tragic, romantic and heroic at once. This book unravels the railway through stories told by local people living along the Trans-Sib, allowing readers to immerse themselves in an iconic journey through everyday experiences.

In the book you will also find information about regions and stations with some pieces of advice for travelers, as well as short historical notes and tips on how to organize your life in the train in which people spend a whole week. Even if you are not planning to embark on a real Trans-sib train, you will enjoy this virtual dream tour.